Monthly Archives: February 2013

Distracted Doctoring Leads to Increase in Medical Malpractice

The growing use of technology in the operating room and office can be seen as a widely beneficial move for those in the medical profession. With easier access to electronic medical records, mobile devices make it easier to circumvent human error than ever before. Alongside the strengths of the digital age though, some argue that this shift also has its downsides, specifically: distracted doctors. According to recent findings, an increased number of reports have surfaced of doctors taking personal phone … Read More

Marijuana Legalization is Hot Button Issue in Congress

In recent years, drug legalization has become a hot topic in Washington. The heated discourse has been stemming from issues like prison overpopulation and cartel violence near the border, sparking a need for change. With the evolving state of America’s drug laws, some members of congress are pushing for a shift regarding the country’s marijuana usage. Part of the effort is to also push the industrial harvesting of hemp, which has virtually none of the toxicities commonly found in the … Read More

Mega Receives 150 Copyright Infringement Notices

File-sharing website Mega has received 150 copyright infringement warnings since its recent launch as founder Kim Dotcom grows a new business while under indictment by U.S. prosecutors for his file sharing website Megaupload. Mega, launched on January 20, 2013, allows users to store 50 GB of encrypted files for free. The content can be shared between users by sharing a link to it; the content can be decrypted if a user also shares the encryption code. Mega was created with … Read More

Will San Bernardino Bankruptcy Case Serve as a Model for Other Major Cities?

San Bernardino, CA has declared for bankruptcy. In the midst of this financial crisis, the acting city manager, Andrea Travis-Miller, resigned. The changing of the guard required the city to take action as recently as Friday the 15th in selecting a replacement. It’s a precarious situation as San Bernardino is currently seeking bankruptcy protection from a federal court. Travis-Miller’s resignation comes on the heels of the city’s finance chief similarly departing. It’s reported that both officials played a major role … Read More

Arizona with 2nd Highest Combined State and Local Sales Tax

Arizona currently has the 2nd highest combined state and local sales tax rates in the United States, according to a new report from the Tax Foundation. The combined rate of 9.16 is second only to Tennessee, whose residents have a 9.44 percent combined sales tax rate. This high percentage has led Governor Jan Brewer to start a crusade that aims to simplify the way the government collects sales tax. House Bill 2657 was formally introduced to the house earlier this … Read More