Monthly Archives: May 2013

Arizona DUI Laws Among Toughest in the US

The National Transportation Safety Board is calling for tougher legislation regarding those driving under the influence.  Their suggestion: lowering the DUI alcohol limit from 0.08% to 0.05%. America is one of very few countries with such a high limit, as much of the rest of the world convicts DUIs the 0.05% level. Although the push for a lower limit may be tough to pass in congress, Arizona residents already know the sting of strict laws and enforcement. If you are … Read More

Japanese Join International Custody Pact

Japanese parliament has approved a measure that will bond its territory to the international child custody treaty. The decision was reached following Tokyo failing to address concerns regarding Japanese mothers seizing children from foreign fathers without legal penalties. Japanese legislators voted unanimously to observe the 1980 Hague Convention on international child abduction. The measure was initially processed by the lower house before moving on to upper house. Many believed Japan’s ratified laws were long overdue and needed to be more … Read More

Avoid Estate Planning Mistakes Before it’s too late

As much as we don’t like to think about it, death is an unpredictable event but if you plan for your passing you can make it easier for your loved ones. However, estate planning errors can be made by even the most competent of estate planning experts. Here is a list of estate planning mistakes to avoid. Procrastination: Many people will put off estate planning because it is an acknowledgement of your own mortality. The truth is if you don’t create … Read More

Preventing Lead Poisoning Personal Injury Among Children

Lead poisoning is one of the leading causes of personal injury among children. Lead poisoning is described as a medical condition caused by increased level of lead in the body, interfering with basic bodily functions and processes. Lead present in the body is toxic to essential organs such as the heart, kidneys and the entire nervous system. Lead poisoning is especially damaging in children, having the ability to bring about permanent learning and behavior disorders over time. The important thing … Read More

Medical Malpractice: St. Louis Neurosurgeon Operated on Wrong Side of Brain

53-year-old Regina Turner went in to get a left-brain craniotomy bypass, but instead received a right brain procedure instead. She decided to have the surgery after having strokes around age 48.  The result of the improper craniotomy left the woman unable to speak intelligibly. A craniotomy is an operation where the bone flap of the skull is temporarily removed to access the brain, where doctors can then place things like stimulator to help with things like Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy. … Read More