Monthly Archives: June 2013

Zimmerman Jury Sequestered

The acting judge in George Zimmerman’s high profile criminal case announced the jury will be sequestered throughout the duration of the trial. The decision is actually a reversal of the original court order. Judge Debra Nelson has indicated the subsequent trial will last anywhere between two and four weeks. Nelson was quoted as saying, “Based upon that approximate stipulation, I will be sequestering the jury.” Only recently had Nelson ruled the jury consisting of six members would not be sequestered … Read More

Gov. Brewer Okay’d the Arizona Tax Overhaul

Last Thursday, the Arizona legislature received a major overhaul in the sales tax collection system, an often complicated procedure. Senate Bill 2111 was passed unanimously, and was passed through the house with just one vote in opposition. Gov. Brewer okay’d the Arizona tax overhaul after months of impasse, at the end of the night. This new tax would not affect normal day to day consumer purchases, but rather it will make it easier for businesses that pay a transaction privilege … Read More

Photographer Sues Buzzfeed 3.9 Million for Copyright Infringement

A photographer is suing the popular viral content aggregator Buzzfeed for the unlicensed use of photo after he discovered the photo in a slideshow on the site. The controversy began when a photographer from Idaho, Kai Eiselein, saw an article on Buzzfeed titled “The 30 Funniest Header Faces.” The article was a collection of 30 images displaying soccer players with humorous expressions on their faces as soccer balls collide with their heads. The article has since been amended to “The … Read More

Residential Capital LLC Set for Repayments Following Bankruptcy Approval

New York based Residential Capital LLC is working to recover from a declared bankruptcy in 2012. The company is following up on original plans to sell off mortgage businesses and settle lawsuits launched by mortgage bond owners. Residential Capital LLC recently won a ruling that will permit the company to repay over $1.9 billion in accrued debt immediately following their declared bankruptcy. This figure includes $1.1 billion to parent company Ally Financial Inc. (ALLY) that the company had earlier been … Read More

Sexual Assault in the Military: A Rampant Problem

In June 2013, a top US Army commander stationed in Japan was suspended due to the mishandling of a sexual assault case. Major General Michael Harrison was not at all a part of the assault, but did not properly correct the problem or provide adequate punishment for the perpetrator. This is just another unfortunate instance in a long line of bad press from the US armed services regarding unwanted advances. There has been a 35% increase in military sex crimes … Read More