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Fostering a Good Relationship with Your Family Law Attorney

If you are going through a divorce and you need to hire an attorney it is important to establish good rapport with your lawyer and have an open and honest relationship. This allows you to feel comfortable sharing the details of your case and give your attorney the opportunity to give you the best defense possible. Here are some tips to help you build a good relationship with your family law attorney. #1 Maintain Communication Communication is the single most … Read More

Detroit Bankruptcy Considered Largest in US History

News broke earlier this month regarding the Detroit bankruptcy proceedings. Detroit’s attempt of securing municipal bankruptcy protection is already being billed as the largest filing in US history. Detroit lawyers are now asking a judge to dismiss several lawsuits attempting to thwart the move for bankruptcy protection, suggesting federal court is the only proper venue to host the issue. Yet many city employees are determined to block the measure as they fear their retirement and pension plans are on the … Read More

Finding the right lawyer for you

When you’re facing a lawsuit or other charges and you need to find a lawyer, it might seem intimidating if you don’t have any recommendations.  Trusting a family friend or just picking a name in the phone book instead of taking the time in finding the right lawyer for you can make or break your case. The kind of lawyer you need will be dependent on your case, different people and firms specialize in certain areas of law. Some of … Read More

Divorce Tips You Need to Know

Divorce Tips You Need to Know: Getting Started Are you looking for divorce tips to get you started in the filing process? This can be a difficult time in your life as you adjust to a drastically different lifestyle – issues like alimony and child support will need your undivided attention in the coming months. We can help you take the first step in finding this important resolution. Despite your convictions, the matter of divorce is never something you want … Read More

For New Arizona Residents Cell Phone Tax Might Double

If you are new to Arizona and using the same cell phone number you may be paying taxes in two states. Most people don’t mind long distance charges as carriers don’t charge for long distance anymore. But there is one issue when you physically move from one state to Arizona. If you are a resident of Arizona, and you are using your cell phone, it doesn’t matter what phone number you have, you should be paying Arizona taxes and fees … Read More