Monthly Archives: October 2013

FDA Wants Stricter Rules for Prescription Drugs

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is hoping to impose restrictions on prescription painkillers like Vicodin and OxyContin. The FDA announced last Wednesday that it is recommending tighter restrictions on opioids due to the growing level of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. A representative from the FDA states that drug abuse has, “Reached epidemic proportions in certain parts of the United States.” Sometimes dubbed “hillbilly heroin” Opioids are highly addictive and they are abused by millions of people. This … Read More

Mediation and Collaborative Divorce: What’s the difference?

Making the decision to hire a divorce attorney or choosing mediation can be quite overwhelming. I’m sure that you have heard horror stories of costly divorces from your friends and family. The fees for a divorce lawyer are higher the longer proceedings continue. Mediation and collaborative divorce take out the adversarial approach many take to their divorce. While conflict cannot be avoided in divorce, mediation and collaborative divorce make these conflicts constructive rather than destructive. So how does mediation work? … Read More

Possible NFL Copyright Infringement

A recent Forbes  article probes whether the NFL is committing copyright infringement through the use of photos without consent. Is it possible one of the highest grossing major league sports will be facing lawsuits in the future? It appears some of these copyright lawsuits are already well underway. A group of seven photographers filed a joint lawsuit through the Southern District of New York against the National Football League, Replay Photos, Getty Images and the Associated Press. The lawsuit specifically … Read More

Henry L. Centrella Accused of Embezzlement

The arrest of finance director Henry L. Centrella has left the Connecticut town of Winchester in financial peril. Centrella, 59, stands accused of embezzling $2.3 million that was used in part to support his mistress in Florida. Centrella served as the finance director of Winchester since 1982, giving him unrestricted access to financial assets. Centrella was arrested on five counts of first-degree larceny following months of police work revealing upwards to $2 million of misappropriated funds. The illegal activity allegedly … Read More

Cracking Down on Astroturfing, Fake Online Reviews

The consumer review site Yelp is cracking down on astroturfing, the practice of hired hands creating fakes reviews to improve a business’ viral reputation. The name derives from the artificial grass commonly used in many sporting arenas throughout the country. Recent investigations revealed sites like Yelp were being overwhelmed with artificial consumer reviews. Using concealed IP addresses and paying writers – many of which were hired internationally – businesses were cheating the system. While fake reviews are clearly a violation … Read More