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Best Fiction about White Collar Crime

White Collar This television series follows the exploits of Neal Caffrey a reformed art thief and his relationship with FBI Special Agent Peter Burke as they travel the world uncovering forgers and art thiefs. The television series airs on USA network and is currently in its sixth season. Catch Me If You Can This film directed by Steven Spielberg follows the true life story of Frank Abegnale Jr. who alluded the authorities for five years in the 90’s using his … Read More

Aereo Loses in Copyright Battle

Online TV service Aereo has recently lost its copyright battle with the major TV broadcasters (Walt Disney Co, ABC, Comcast, NBC, CBS, and 21st Century Fox). The company, funded by Barry Diller, provides its users with a mini-antenna as well as a cloud-based DVR which sores recorded shows. Users of Aereo can essentially watch a delayed version of live TV by “recording” and instantly watching their favorite shows. On one end of the spectrum the technology world is up in … Read More

Starbucks Teams Up With Arizona State University to Deliver Tuition

Seattle’s famous Starbucks Coffee Co. is serving up some unprecedented employee benefits. What’s the buzz about? The coffee giants are teaming up with Arizona State University to offer employees an opportunity at higher education with generous tuition reimbursement toward online classes. The new measure will allow Starbucks employees who register for courses online as freshmen or sophomores to receive a partial scholarship and essential financial aid. Juniors and seniors with previous credits will be able to complete their degree for … Read More

Luxury Home Builders Convicted on Fraud

A federal jury has found a former-Arizona home builder and his accountant guilty of bank fraud and conspiracy. The sentence ties back to a mortgage scam that occurred over the course of four-and-a-half years. The jury deliberated over the course of 24 hours across 12 days before handing down the verdict. Paxton Anderson and Joseph Plany are now awaiting a potentially hefty sentence following convictions across 25 and 22 counts, respectively, relating to bank fraud. Both men have been convicted … Read More

Detroit Taking Steps to End Bankruptcy

On July 18, 2013, the city of Detroit, Michigan filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy in what went down in US history as the largest municipal bankruptcy filing, coming in at a whopping $20 billion. Hope may be in sight, however, has continued taking steps in the right direction to end its bankruptcy once and for all. According to a recent article in the Detroit Beat, lawmakers in Lansing have passed what will hopefully be the last segment of the city’s adjustment … Read More