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What to Know Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Whether you have been injured in a car accident or another situation it is important to choose a personal injury attorney that fits your needs. Here is what your need to know before hiring an attorney. Experience is Important Having an attorney who specializes in personal injury is paramount to winning your case. Most good attorneys will limit their practice to only one or two kinds of law. Be wary of attorneys who run a gamut of different fields of … Read More

Gay Rights Activist, Ex-NFL Punter Suing Vikings

Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is planning to sue his former NFL team for discriminating against him due to his support of gay rights. In a recent interview with TIME Magazine, Kluwe noted that he is “…now known as the activist punter… So when teams are choosing between a guy who has baggage and a guy who doesn’t, then it’s usually an easy choice for the team to make.” According to Chris, the Vikings refused to keep him on … Read More

Do Personal Breathalyzers Really Work?

While Arizona continues to crack down on drunk driving, new devices are coming into the market to help people avoid DUIs. Breathalyzers are commonly used by law enforcement as an alternative to a blood test—so does a personal breathalyzer work as well as the professional kind? The growing market for paranoid drinkers is growing, with breathalyzer pricing from a few dollars to a few hundred. Even cell phone apps are available to help people calibrate whether or not they are … Read More

$550 Million Mortgage Settlement Over Mortgage Abuses

A joint state-federal settlement has been reached to the tune of $550 million regarding mortgage abuses. At center stage is mortgage lender and servicer SunTrust Mortgage Inc., a company called to address mortgage origination, servicing and foreclosure abuses. The settlement is set to occur over a period of three years and provides direct payments to Arizona borrowers for previous foreclosure abuses, the modification of loans and additional financial relief for borrowers, stiffer mortgage servicing operations, as well as grants oversight … Read More

Edmonton School Board Ends Abstinence-only Sexual Education

In a social debate that mirrors that of the United States, the Edmonton school board in Alberta, Canada has ended their abstinence only sexual education.  Following a complaint from 18-year-old Emily Dawson and her mother Kathy, the Edmonton Public School Board has said teachers are no longer allowed to use an anti-abortion center to teach part of its sex ed curriculum. The mother and daughter filed a human rights complaint over a seminar that the Edmonton Pregnancy Care Center held … Read More