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Boating Accidents at Arizona Lakes

Boating is one of the most popular activities here in Arizona. Whether it’s enjoying a relaxing day at Bartlett Lake or skiing with the family at Lake Powell, there is a wide variety of boating options across the state. Unfortunately, accidents occur on a fairly frequent basis, making a getaway into a nightmare. Boating accidents can occur on any number of different water vessels, including kayaks, motorboats, houseboats, inflatable boats, canoes, rowboats, pontoon boats and others. The top ten reasons for … Read More

Maricopa County Employee Accused of Embezzlement

A former employee of Maricopa County is under investigation following suspicions of embezzlement totaling $883,000. The embezzlement allegedly took place over the course of three years using a bank account to garnish wages from school district employees – investigators from the county sheriff’s office report. Investigators suspect the 33-year-old Phoenix defendant embezzled funds after listing his mother and roommate as employees, repeatedly issuing checks in their name. His actions inevitably tipped off the sheriff’s investigators, causing them to issue search … Read More

911 Tapes Lead to Brothers’ Acquittal

A series of 911 tapes almost withheld by prosecuting attorneys proved critical in a Phoenix murder trial. The recorded calls persuaded a jury to acquit two brothers indicted on charges of murder and aggravated assault in a 2007 gang shootout. Earlier this week a Maricopa County Superior Court jury delivered six not-guilty verdicts and six deadlocked verdicts after listening to the tapes in detail. One deputy Maricopa County attorney attempted to prevent the grand jury from hearing the tapes despite … Read More

Arizona Bankruptcy Rate Slowly Rebounding

Arizona cities were some of the hardest hit by the recent recession. That trend resulted in a massive uptick in bankruptcy filings. The most recent report suggests that Arizona’s bankruptcy epidemic has made marked improvement since May, despite consumer resolve to pay debt threatening to slow the trend. Throughout May, 1,439 consumers and businesses filed for bankruptcy in the Phoenix area, a drop of 12 percent from 1,630 in the previous year. The report was issued by the US Bankruptcy … Read More

When and How To Press Assault Charges

An assault is defined the intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact. This means that an assault isn’t defined by actually being hit or battered. An assault can include a threatening gesture such as the shaking of a fist or someone charging toward you. Assault is a serious crime and requires an individual to press charges against the perpetrator. If you are the victim of assault take these steps … Read More