Monthly Archives: November 2014

NFL Protest Over Racism Hits Valley

The biggest story in the NFL has nothing to do with matchups or even players – a powerful movement in favor of changing the Washington Redskin’s official team name is in full force. Arizona is yet the latest site of national protests, protests that only seem to be gaining traction. Native Americans are facing off on both sides of the monumental controversy tied to the National Football League. Arizona is the first of several planned protests among NFL cities with … Read More

Siemens & GE Exit Selling Off Appliance Lines

Business Week is reporting that big business may have gone cold on selling big appliances. As a starting point of conversation, virtually nobody wants to sell refrigerators in modern times. Take German engineering company Siemens into consideration – the manufacturing giants will soon be offloading its 50 percent stake in an appliance business; they’re not alone. Only days before, General Electric snagged business journal headlines for hawking its own appliance business. It’s worth noting that both appliance businesses are considered … Read More

Red Bull Reaches Slogan Settlement

 Have you purchased a Red Bull in the last twelve years? According to a recently settled lawsuit, you’re entitled to $10 or $15 worth of Red Bull merchandise. You have until early 2015 to file your claim for settlement. The energy drink company faced a lawsuit that took exception to their slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings.” The lawsuit’s complainant, Benjamin Careathers, alleged Red Bull was ‘misleading’ consumers by making false claims about the “functional beverage” and its own reports … Read More

Tech Industry Faces Criticism Over Diversity Issues

A new report illustrates that minorities who hold degrees are not finding work. Top universities from around the country are producing black and Hispanic computer science and computer engineering grads at twice the rate leading tech companies are offering positions, according to USA TODAY analysis. Tech companies have been quick to shift the blame toward the availability of job applicants, which the latest analysis would otherwise dismiss. The fact of the matter remains that you won’t find many minorities holding … Read More

State and Local Taxes Role in Phone Bills

How much do you really know about your phone bill? A recent analysis of national phone bills reveals that as much as 35 percent of your payment may be attributed to taxes and fees – in Arizona, the amount is no less than 12 percent. Take a closer look at your phone bill breakdown and you’re likely to see 9-1-1 fees, franchise taxes, utility sales taxes and other ambiguous surcharges – does anyone really know how MCTD, TRS or PUC … Read More