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Should You Background Check Yourself?

Imagine this is you – after months of relentless job searching, a close friend informs you a family member’s company has an opening directly related to your field. You do some research and quickly feel this is your dream job, a chance to earn a great living doing something you’ve always seen yourself performing in the future. After a great referral, you land an interview and nail it and you’re confident you landed the job. Days later you receive a … Read More

Three Notorious Con-men: Why You Should Always Background Check

You may think you know a person after conducting an interview or meeting for the first time. But there are people out there who take advantage of the good will of others. Throughout history there have been notorious con artists who have pulled the wool over the eyes of their “friends” and employers. Here are some notorious con-artists who almost got away with their crimes. Frank Abagnale Immortalized in the Steven Spielberg film “Catch Me If You Can”, Frank Abagnale … Read More

International Hires Benefit Arizona Teacher Shortage

There is little secret nowadays that Arizona’s education is struggling in contrast to many other areas of the country. Combustive elements such as low pay and rigid expectations among teachers have resulted in a shortage of qualified individuals seeking employing within classrooms statewide. Recently, superintendent Shannon Goodsell, whom presides over the 3,800-student Casa Grande Union High School District, had virtually no applicants across the board – not even a resume from a new college graduate. The bleak situation is perhaps … Read More

Report Illustrates Favorable Gas Taxes in AZ

Most Arizonans probably don’t realize how easy they have it when it comes to the issue of gasoline taxes. You don’t have to look far elsewhere to see how complex the matter is among other states – New York and several other jurisdictions are anything but simple cases. A recent story by AZ Central made note that Arizona imposes lower fuel taxes than the majority of other states, particularly Pennsylvania with its tax of 40.7 cents per gallon. Gasoline tax … Read More

NFL Star Stirs Debate over Child Injuries

It’s a high-profile case that’s caught national attention and turned the spotlight on child injuries – Vikings star Adrian Peterson has been accused of child abuse. A spokeswoman for Peterson has since reported that the face of Minnesota’s franchise will apparently plead not guilty. No official plea has been entered yet but those close to Peterson report that the court proceedings would not go forward without an official not guilty plea. Peterson originally planned to enter a not guilty plea … Read More