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Ex-Spouse is Not Contributing to Alimony/Child Support

Divorce can be a difficult process for everyone involved, especially when you have children with an ex. Even after it’s finished, tensions can be high and enforcing alimony and child support payments can be like pulling teeth. Here’s some information on what to do if your ex-spouse has fallen behind on alimony or child support payments. Refusal to pay alimony or child support is considered a defiance of a court order. If your ex is not paying, contacting legal help … Read More

Arizona DUI Law; AKA: Don’t Even Think About It

It’s common knowledge at this point in the greater Phoenix area that Arizona has some of the toughest laws in the country in regards to how DUIs are prosecuted and punished. Thanks to national media attention, most people know about the grueling conditions in Tent City and how DUI offenders are pretty much destined to spend some time there. The law is becoming more severe, and there is now such a thing as a Super Extreme DUI offense. Here’s a … Read More

Am I a Candidate for Bankruptcy?

In the old days, filing for bankruptcy was a social stigma and actually a crime punishable by time in jail. In modern times, bankruptcy has become a common and in some cases, a viable option for repairing a distressing financial condition. Federal and Arizona bankruptcy laws are in place to give you a chance for a clean break from tough financial circumstances. If you’re wondering if filing for bankruptcy will help you improve your situation, here are some signs that … Read More

Living Trust vs. Will, Which do You Need?

The concept of a will has been around for a long time, and most people understand it. Not quite as many people are familiar with a living trust, and very few would be able to explain the differences between the two. They’re both useful estate planning tools that can work together to develop a complete estate plan. Here’s a deeper look at what they do. Will In essence, a will provides for the distribution of the property that you own … Read More

I Had a Car Accident and It was My Fault, What Should I Expect?

Going through a car accident can be a jarring experience, both physically and financially, and the greater Phoenix area is known for its dangerous roads. While we’re all doing our best to get through it without any incidents, accidents happen, and sometimes, they’re due to mistakes that we’ve made. If you were in a car accident that’s been deemed your fault, here’s what you can expect to happen next. Arizona is an “at-fault” state in regards to auto accidents. That … Read More