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What Are My Rights as a Tenant

Your rights as a tenant may not always be clearly spelled out for you. Many people don’t know all of their rights, and if you’ve had an application rejected, have been evicted or are just moving into a rental for the first time it’s important to know the basic rights given to you by federal and state law. Your renting rights as a tenant There are a number of rights given to tenants by the federal and state government. Federal Anti-Discrimination … Read More

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury lawsuits are the most common civil litigation and negligence cases brought to court. Before you sue for personal injury, you should find out your state’s laws regarding the kinds of accidents, locations and other factors that be sued for personal injury. Grounds for your personal injury case There are two basic grounds that determine whether you have a personal injury case: Clearly define harm – In personal injury lawsuits, there must have been an element of harm. In … Read More

Veterans Legal Topics

The U.S. offers veterans of the Armed Forces a number of useful benefits including disability compensation, pension programs, free or low-cost medical care, education assistance and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) support. This article covers the main benefits veterans are entitled to and the requirements that make you eligible to receive them. Veterans’ legal military law benefits Disability compensation Military veterans who received an injury during their time of service may qualify for monthly disability benefits ranging from $127 to more … Read More

The Best Time To File Bankruptcy

There are some circumstances in which it makes more sense to hold off on filing for bankruptcy. The time that you file for bankruptcy could mean the difference in losing or keeping your property, or filing a chapter 7 or a chapter 13. Knowing when to file will help you achieve the best outcome possible out of your bankruptcy. When you should wait to file bankruptcy   There are a number of possibilities you should consider before filing bankruptcy. If … Read More

Should I Fight My Ticket?

Fighting a traffic ticket can have its pros and its cons. Knowing whether or not you should try fighting a ticket can be a big time saver, but making these decisions are not always to clear cut. This article will help you come to a decision on whether your ticket is worth fighting and the chances you have at winning. Are parking violations impossible to beat? Parking violations are not impossible to beat. People make mistakes all the time, and … Read More