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Can I File Bankruptcy on My Child Support?

If you’re swimming in debt, you may be considering filing for bankruptcy. Further, if one of your major sources of debt is child support, you may be thinking about bankruptcy as a way to get out from under that debt. However, we do have some bad news in this case: your child support is exempt from bankruptcy stops. Child Support as Priority Debt Child support is known as a “priority debt.” This means that your child support debt is more important than … Read More

What is an Easement?

Real estate law can be tricky. There are so many laws regulating property, it can be hard to keep up on all of it. You may have heard of easements, but never knew exactly what they were. We can refer attorneys that specialize in easements. Keep reading to find more about easements. Easement Details An easement, put simply, is an instance where someone has an interested in a land they don’t own. They have the ability to use land they … Read More

Benefits of Paternity Claims

There are many benefits to claiming paternity of your child. Being a biological father doesn’t always entitle you to be the child’s legal father. Establishing yourself as your child’s legal father grants you rights and obligations of your child. This article provides a brief overview on the paternity laws in Arizona as well as the benefits of paternity claims. Establishing Paternity in Arizona If both the mom and dad agree on the paternity of the child, signing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form is … Read More

What Do I Need to Get a Loan Modification?

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to request a loan modification in order to make their payments more affordable. Lenders receive requests every day from people wishing to lower their mortgage but not everyone qualifies for a loan modification. In order to get a modification on your loan you must meet certain criteria and have proof that your financial circumstances have changed. If you meet the following qualifications, you may be able to get a loan modification. Qualifications For a … Read More

When to Get a Lawyer During a Boundary Dispute

Boundary disputes can occur when neighbors disagree over the rights and duties to land adjacent or nearby their own property. There are many ways these disagreements can be resolved. Some resolutions can come peacefully, while others result in taking legal action. Knowing when to get a lawyer involved can be difficult, but there are a few steps you should take before you should take your neighbor to court. Resolving a Boundary Dispute When seeking a resolution to a boundary dispute, it … Read More