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Are You Being Harassed by your Landlord?

Although the type of harassment can come in many different forms, landlord harassment is the intentional creation of conditions that are uncomfortable for the tenants in order to force them out of a rental contract. Landlords often do this because it avoids the potential problems and legal expenses of having to evict someone. Your landlord—or anyone acting for your landlord—can’t harass you out of your home. Landlord harassment carries specific legal penalties. There are many different types of landlord harassment. … Read More

Volunteer or donate to a good cause: domestic violence shelters

One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime, and each year, an estimated 1.3 million women are victimized by intimate partners. Unfortunately, Most cases of domestic violence are never reported to the police. Domestic violence is an ongoing problem without a simple solution, but a few organizations have created a place where domestic violence victims can flee their abusers. These shelters throughout the valley rely on volunteers and donations from people like you. When fleeing abuse, … Read More

Neglectful Dad Charged With Murder in Overheating Death

While September traditionally signals the beginning of the fall season, sweltering heat is very much still prevalent throughout many parts of the country. The soaring climate creates dangerous conditions that often prove lethal in cases where negligence is present. In Atlanta, two months after an incident in which his son died in a hot car, the responsible father has been charged with murder. Prosecutors report that Justin Ross Harris neglected his son in a parked car for several hours while … Read More

Elderly Arizona Couple Booked on Severe Child Abuse Charges

An elderly Arizonan couple has been arrested in connection with severe abuse of their adopted children. 61-year-old Johann Jorg and his 53-year-old wife Kimery Jorg are now facing serious charges after reports indicated their two young daughters were forced to stay in the family’s backyard without any clothes. Ironically, the abuse was discovered after the parents had contacted a behavioral health facility for help in rearing their ‘devious’ child. Investigating officials from Child Protective Services reported the eldest daughter, 13, … Read More