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Do I Need a Lawyer to File Bankruptcy?

Technically, no, an individual is well within their rights to file pro se, which means without an attorney. But while you CAN file all by yourself, the legal process of bankruptcy is fairly complex and littered with unfamiliar terminology and procedures. Unfamiliar to a non-attorney, that is. If you decide to file bankruptcy, and you’re considering doing it on your own, consider the following ways having an attorney to counsel you will help your case: A lawyer can help you … Read More

What Do I Need to Know About Adoption in Arizona?

There are truly few experiences in life that compare to the joy of being a parent. Many of us dream about the day we’re able to experience that first dance recital or the Saturday mornings we’re able to toss the ball around with our children. Adoption has made this dream more possible to a wider range of parents in Arizona. If you’re considering adoption in Phoenix, there are certain laws you’ll want to research ahead of time with the help … Read More

Why You Need an Aggressive Attorney when Working with Insurance

You pay your insurance company a lot of money, and you expect to be taken care of if you were ever to take a major loss on your home or car. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies have your best financial interests in mind. Usually, your insurer is hoping to give you a minimum payout. In cases like these, you need an aggressive lawyer to fight for the good coverage you deserve. Knowing the resources, you can use in an insurance … Read More

What Qualifies as Legal Malpractice?

While malpractice is a term typically used to describe lawsuits involving medical care professionals, legal malpractice is the kind of malpractice case that involves attorneys engaging in negligent behavior,or somehow causing harm to the client by taking actions that no reasonable attorney would make. Here’s a look at ways in which your attorney may have been negligent and liable for legal malpractice. Types of Legal Malpractice Negligence. A common reason for a legal malpractice claim arises when an attorney misses … Read More

What Exactly Does the Lawyer Referral Service Do?

There are times in life when you absolutely need an attorney, such as being served with a lawsuit or charged with a crime. There are also other times when professional legal advice would do wonders to help you navigate through a challenging situation. If you’ve never consulted an attorney before, you may not even know where to start looking for one. To solve this problem, the Maricopa County Bar Association has created the Lawyer Referral Service. How to use the … Read More