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When to Get a Lawyer During a Boundary Dispute

Boundary disputes can occur when neighbors disagree over the rights and duties to land adjacent or nearby their own property. There are many ways these disagreements can be resolved. Some resolutions can come peacefully, while others result in taking legal action. Knowing when to get a lawyer involved can be difficult, but there are a few steps you should take before you should take your neighbor to court. Resolving a Boundary Dispute When seeking a resolution to a boundary dispute, it … Read More

Boundary Disputes and Tips on Settling Them

Boundary disputes are a common issue that landowners have to deal with. These disputes typically arise when descriptions on the deed are inaccurate, when one neighbor has been occupying land long enough to claim ownership even though the land is not technically theirs, or when multiple unrecorded deeds convey the same property to different people. This article explains how to best handle a boundary dispute. Understanding your boundary dispute Before taking any action on your boundary dispute, you should fully … Read More

Know Your Arizona Tenants Rights

Knowing your rights as a tenant can help in any landlord disputes you may have. They can also help you be the best possible tenant and avoid any possible drama or disagreements. Communicate with your landlord in writing All communications with your landlord should be in writing. This is so you can both keep record of everything. If your landlord reaches out verbally kindly ask to continue all communications in writing. If you ever do need to go to court … Read More

What is the Best Way to Handle a Boundary Dispute?

Boundary line disputes can be complicated, but it’s best to try to resolve them in a peaceful manner. After all, you do have to live next to them. So what’s the best way to try to keep a property dispute civil? Know where your property line is Before bringing the issue to your neighbor, find your settlement papers. They should contain a plat that will have a drawing that shows where your property line is. If you can’t find your … Read More