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What Kind of Expenses are NOT Tax Deductible?

While we all do our best to minimize the inevitable, there’s a thin line between maximizing the amount of money you save on your tax bill and making tax deductions that will cause a stir, and possibly lead to an audit. There are also common myths about what is deductible and what isn’t. Here’s more info on tax law to clarify some of those myths. Entertaining Clients This is the classic wine-and-dine a client scenario. When you take a prospective … Read More

Help Keep Kids Fed All Summer at Your Local Food Bank

Tough times affect everyone to some degree, and for those living in poverty, the summer months are the most difficult to manage. Arizona ranks third in the country for children facing food insecurity, behind New Mexico and Mississippi, with 456,000 children dealing with hunger on a daily basis. Two million people in Arizona are currently living below the Federal Poverty Guideline, and these are the people receiving emergency food assistance. The summer months are especially difficult, because electricity bills are … Read More