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When Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Deciding whether to hire a lawyer can be a very stressful and difficult task. Lawyers can make your case easier on you, but can also run up a high tab. There are certain circumstances in which hiring a lawyer will always be more beneficial than not. This article is aimed to help you make these difficult decisions. When to consider hiring an Arizona lawyer Some cases will have you in over your head. In these situations, its always beneficial to … Read More

Do Increased Temperatures Increase Crime?

It’s officially the peak of the summer season, and we’ve all noticed the increase in temperature over the past few weeks. But what you may not have noticed is the increase in crime. Higher temperature is typically linked to higher crime rates, but is it the heat that directly correlates with crime, or are there other factors that contribute to the increase? Being aware of when you’re most vulnerable and how to prevent things like break-ins and muggings will help … Read More

What Exactly Does the Lawyer Referral Service Do?

There are times in life when you absolutely need an attorney, such as being served with a lawsuit or charged with a crime. There are also other times when professional legal advice would do wonders to help you navigate through a challenging situation. If you’ve never consulted an attorney before, you may not even know where to start looking for one. To solve this problem, the Maricopa County Bar Association has created the Lawyer Referral Service. How to use the … Read More

What Should I Expect From My Lawyer?

When facing a legal matter, especially one that’s new to you, you might be a bit uncertain about how the situation is going to play out. If you’ve hired an attorney to help you resolve the matter, you may also be wondering what to expect from the legal counsel you’re paying for. Here’s an outline to help you gauge the level of service you’re receiving. Basic Expectations You Should Have of Your Attorney Communication. While most attorneys are working on … Read More

Arizona DUI Law; AKA: Don’t Even Think About It

It’s common knowledge at this point in the greater Phoenix area that Arizona has some of the toughest laws in the country in regards to how DUIs are prosecuted and punished. Thanks to national media attention, most people know about the grueling conditions in Tent City and how DUI offenders are pretty much destined to spend some time there. The law is becoming more severe, and there is now such a thing as a Super Extreme DUI offense. Here’s a … Read More