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In Honor of Saint Patrick’s Day: Strange Things Irish do to Their Food

While Irish culture has produced a variety of dishes that have become popular all over the world, there are a few food quirks they have that didn’t quite catch on elsewhere. They range from the uniquely interesting to the bizzare and awful-sounding. In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, the day of the patron saint of Ireland that has become a celebration of Irish culture all around the world, we’re bringing you the weirdest food quirks that can only be found … Read More

International Hires Benefit Arizona Teacher Shortage

There is little secret nowadays that Arizona’s education is struggling in contrast to many other areas of the country. Combustive elements such as low pay and rigid expectations among teachers have resulted in a shortage of qualified individuals seeking employing within classrooms statewide. Recently, superintendent Shannon Goodsell, whom presides over the 3,800-student Casa Grande Union High School District, had virtually no applicants across the board – not even a resume from a new college graduate. The bleak situation is perhaps … Read More

Tech Industry Faces Criticism Over Diversity Issues

A new report illustrates that minorities who hold degrees are not finding work. Top universities from around the country are producing black and Hispanic computer science and computer engineering grads at twice the rate leading tech companies are offering positions, according to USA TODAY analysis. Tech companies have been quick to shift the blame toward the availability of job applicants, which the latest analysis would otherwise dismiss. The fact of the matter remains that you won’t find many minorities holding … Read More

Microsoft CEO Draws Criticism Regarding Comments on Women in Workplace

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has stated that women need to ask for a raise – he believes that they should simply trust the system. Critics are already taking issue with Nadella’s statements, citing that the technology industry, where Microsoft’s business resides, is overwhelmingly composed of males. The issue came up earlier in October when Nadella visited an event for women in the tech industry held within Phoenix. At one point during the event, Nadella was asked to give advice concerning … Read More