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Weirdest Arizona Laws

In the 200+ years that Arizona has enjoyed statehood, it has seen exponential growth and changes. Lawmakers in a changing state have the arduous task of addressing the concerns of its citizens, and sometimes, laws can remain on the books long after the concerns have passed. Nevertheless, we have a bunch of strange laws still on the books in the Grand Canyon state. Here’s a look at some of them. Weird Arizona laws regarding plants and animals. While Arizona is … Read More

Arizona DUI Law; AKA: Don’t Even Think About It

It’s common knowledge at this point in the greater Phoenix area that Arizona has some of the toughest laws in the country in regards to how DUIs are prosecuted and punished. Thanks to national media attention, most people know about the grueling conditions in Tent City and how DUI offenders are pretty much destined to spend some time there. The law is becoming more severe, and there is now such a thing as a Super Extreme DUI offense. Here’s a … Read More

What Kind of Expenses are NOT Tax Deductible?

While we all do our best to minimize the inevitable, there’s a thin line between maximizing the amount of money you save on your tax bill and making tax deductions that will cause a stir, and possibly lead to an audit. There are also common myths about what is deductible and what isn’t. Here’s more info on tax law to clarify some of those myths. Entertaining Clients This is the classic wine-and-dine a client scenario. When you take a prospective … Read More

I was just in an Accident with an Uninsured Motorist

Although proving financial responsibility is required when registering a vehicle with the Arizona department of transportation, about 14% of drivers are driving around Phoenix with no insurance coverage on their vehicles. This means that there’s a chance that if you’re involved in an accident, the other driver may not have any car insurance. While their reasons for not having insurance may vary, most of the time, when economic conditions are poor, people look for ways to cut their expenses in … Read More

Most Common Types of Sexual Harassment

In recent years, more and more cases of sexual harassment have been in the spotlight involving celebrities. Most cases, however, involved everyday people in their work environment. Here’s a look at the two main categories of sexual harassment that take place in the workplace and how to protect yourself. Quid Pro Quo Harassment This is the type that most people tend to think about when the subject arises. It has been portrayed on TV and in the movies for a … Read More