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What Can I Do to Improve my Estate Plan?

Estate plans are time consuming, and not something most people want to deal with. But in the end, these things must be dealt with. Taking early steps to make and improve your will and estate plan will help your family out a lot when your time comes. Make a plan and improve it to make it easier on your family. This article will explain the best ways to improve your estate plan and will help you get it on the … Read More

What is an Easement?

Real estate law can be tricky. There are so many laws regulating property, it can be hard to keep up on all of it. You may have heard of easements, but never knew exactly what they were. We can refer attorneys that specialize in easements. Keep reading to find more about easements. Easement Details An easement, put simply, is an instance where someone has an interested in a land they don’t own. They have the ability to use land they … Read More

Benefits of Having a Will

Planning your estate Some people believe that only the rich have an estate. This is not true. Everything that you own and owe is part of your estate. Whether you have a large estate or a small estate, you need a plan for how you want it to be handled when you’re gone. Your estate plan includes your will, and having both of these things will make things a lot easier for your loved ones when you pass away. The … Read More

What is Trust Planning and Why You Should do it

Just about everyone understands the importance of having a will to distribute your assets after your death, but not everyone knows the benefits of having a living trust. Should you be planning a trust? What is a trust? A trust is a written legal document where your assets are placed into a trust for your benefit during your lifetime and then transferred to the beneficiaries that you chose. This is different than a will because it transfers your assets during … Read More

Boundary Disputes and Tips on Settling Them

Boundary disputes are a common issue that landowners have to deal with. These disputes typically arise when descriptions on the deed are inaccurate, when one neighbor has been occupying land long enough to claim ownership even though the land is not technically theirs, or when multiple unrecorded deeds convey the same property to different people. This article explains how to best handle a boundary dispute. Understanding your boundary dispute Before taking any action on your boundary dispute, you should fully … Read More