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What Should I Gather for my Flood Insurance Claim?

For many people living in high-risk areas, and even some who don’t but have a mortgage from a federally regulated or insured lender, flood insurance is mandatory. As is the case with most types of insurance, flood insurance can be a fantastic safety net, and can provide significant peace of mind. What do you do, though, if the worst happens, and you have to actually file a flood insurance claim? The National Flood Insurance Program has some guidelines for just … Read More

Why You Need an Aggressive Attorney when Working with Insurance

You pay your insurance company a lot of money, and you expect to be taken care of if you were ever to take a major loss on your home or car. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies have your best financial interests in mind. Usually, your insurer is hoping to give you a minimum payout. In cases like these, you need an aggressive lawyer to fight for the good coverage you deserve. Knowing the resources, you can use in an insurance … Read More

I Had a Car Accident and It was My Fault, What Should I Expect?

Going through a car accident can be a jarring experience, both physically and financially, and the greater Phoenix area is known for its dangerous roads. While we’re all doing our best to get through it without any incidents, accidents happen, and sometimes, they’re due to mistakes that we’ve made. If you were in a car accident that’s been deemed your fault, here’s what you can expect to happen next. Arizona is an “at-fault” state in regards to auto accidents. That … Read More

Insurance Not Paying Out? Talk to a Lawyer Today

If you’ve been involved in an accident or you somehow suffered damage to your property, you may have realized that the process of receiving a payment from an insurance claim can involve a lot of waiting. By design, insurance companies are reluctant to write and mail checks the second a claim is made, and the amount of money they’re willing to pay out may be much smaller than the amount to which you’re truly entitled. In cases like these, hiring … Read More