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Digital Privacy: Is Your TV Watching You?

Televisions: they’re in every household in the multiples. They’re a source of entertainment and enjoyment. For a majority of Americans, the things we consume on our televisions make us laugh, make us cry, and make us happy. But is your TV watching you as well? The television manufacturer VIZIO Inc. has recently become under fire for privacy violations that could mean that they are. In 2014 VIZIO began manufacturing what are now called “smart TVs” that connect to the internet and … Read More

Understand Auto Renewals To Stay Out of Trouble

Consumers opt into free trials all the time. They are essential in trying a product before having to commit to it. But sometimes what the consumer doesn’t realize is that they actually opted into an auto-renewal. Auto-renewals are those pesky trials that roll into a paid subscription without any action taken by the customer. While they are great for business, these efforts need to be carefully scrutinized to ensure they comply with state and federal regulations. Inability to comply with … Read More

New Arizona Laws You Should Pay Attention To

The Arizona Legislature has recently passed a number of bills this past August, and many of the laws going into effect could potentially affect you. More specifically, there are 12 new laws that could impact your daily life and this article will explain how. New Arizona laws and how they can impact your life How you buy wine: Senate Bill 1381 will allow you to order wine online and have it shipped directly to your home or business. In order … Read More