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What Do I Need to Get a Loan Modification?

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to request a loan modification in order to make their payments more affordable. Lenders receive requests every day from people wishing to lower their mortgage but not everyone qualifies for a loan modification. In order to get a modification on your loan you must meet certain criteria and have proof that your financial circumstances have changed. If you meet the following qualifications, you may be able to get a loan modification. Qualifications For a … Read More

The Best Time To File Bankruptcy

There are some circumstances in which it makes more sense to hold off on filing for bankruptcy. The time that you file for bankruptcy could mean the difference in losing or keeping your property, or filing a chapter 7 or a chapter 13. Knowing when to file will help you achieve the best outcome possible out of your bankruptcy. When you should wait to file bankruptcy   There are a number of possibilities you should consider before filing bankruptcy. If … Read More

Am I a Candidate for Bankruptcy?

In the old days, filing for bankruptcy was a social stigma and actually a crime punishable by time in jail. In modern times, bankruptcy has become a common and in some cases, a viable option for repairing a distressing financial condition. Federal and Arizona bankruptcy laws are in place to give you a chance for a clean break from tough financial circumstances. If you’re wondering if filing for bankruptcy will help you improve your situation, here are some signs that … Read More

Student Loan Drops Closer to Pre-recession Levels

The New York Times is reporting that student loan defaults have declined for the first time in several years. The default was first reported by the Education Department, responsible for overseeing the conditions of student loans. Although student loans have declined, it’s important to note their current level still puts them well above prerecession levels as reported earlier through the Education Department. Part of the report took a closer look at students who were obligated to begin repayment efforts on … Read More