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Who’s At Fault in a Left Hand Turn Accident?

Car accidents are scary, especially when they occur in an intersection. While it is typically assumed that it is always the person who turned left’s fault, there are actually a few exceptions. If you are being blamed for an accident in which you were turing left, here are steps you can take and points you can prove in order to show that the other driver was at fault. Finding Fault in a Left Hand Turn Accident The liability for left hand turn accidents … Read More

New Arizona Laws You Should Pay Attention To

The Arizona Legislature has recently passed a number of bills this past August, and many of the laws going into effect could potentially affect you. More specifically, there are 12 new laws that could impact your daily life and this article will explain how. New Arizona laws and how they can impact your life How you buy wine: Senate Bill 1381 will allow you to order wine online and have it shipped directly to your home or business. In order … Read More

Estate Law: What is a Probate?

Probate is the legal process that takes place after someone dies. It is typically done in court and handled by lawyers as well as by the executor determined by the will. They prove that the will is valid, identify and inventory the deceased person’s property, appraise the property, pay back debts and taxes and then distribute the remaining assets according to the will. The lawyers and court fees are also usually paid for by the estate property. How does the … Read More

How the Maricopa County Lawyer Referral System Works

Many people come across the problem of needing a lawyer, but they don’t know where to find the best one for their case. The Lawyer Referral System was established to help clients find attorneys that work best for their specific needs. Started by the Maricopa County Bar Association with many years of experience, the board works to help you find the lawyer you are looking for. There are over 250 attorneys in the network that hope to find the perfect … Read More

What Entails a Boundary Dispute?

It sounds like the plot of a sitcom episode, but it actually happens all the time across the country. Neighbors get into a heated argument over where a tree falls along the property line, or who has a right to build a fence in a specific spot. There are the basic ingredients of a boundary dispute that could eventually lead to legal action. Here’s some more details on what a boundary dispute entails. When is a Boundary Dispute Likely to … Read More