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What Documents Do I Need to File for Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy can be overwhelming, especially with all the paperwork that goes along with it. You’re expect to disclose a lot of personal information, so it’s always best to have an understand of why this information is important. This article will explain what documents you need in to get ready order to file for bankruptcy and why they’re required. You need your tax returns when filing for bankruptcy Typically, you will need to provide copies of your tax returns … Read More

What Kind of Expenses are NOT Tax Deductible?

While we all do our best to minimize the inevitable, there’s a thin line between maximizing the amount of money you save on your tax bill and making tax deductions that will cause a stir, and possibly lead to an audit. There are also common myths about what is deductible and what isn’t. Here’s more info on tax law to clarify some of those myths. Entertaining Clients This is the classic wine-and-dine a client scenario. When you take a prospective … Read More

Getting ready for tax season

This year stands to be one of the most complicated years for the IRS and for you as a result. As if income tax filing procedures weren’t complex enough already, this tax season will be the first when the IRS will have to administer the premium tax credits and individual mandates under the Affordable Care Act. Here are some tips to ensure that your filing experience is as simple as possible. Securely save each and every tax form that arrives … Read More

Report Illustrates Favorable Gas Taxes in AZ

Most Arizonans probably don’t realize how easy they have it when it comes to the issue of gasoline taxes. You don’t have to look far elsewhere to see how complex the matter is among other states – New York and several other jurisdictions are anything but simple cases. A recent story by AZ Central made note that Arizona imposes lower fuel taxes than the majority of other states, particularly Pennsylvania with its tax of 40.7 cents per gallon. Gasoline tax … Read More

State and Local Taxes Role in Phone Bills

How much do you really know about your phone bill? A recent analysis of national phone bills reveals that as much as 35 percent of your payment may be attributed to taxes and fees – in Arizona, the amount is no less than 12 percent. Take a closer look at your phone bill breakdown and you’re likely to see 9-1-1 fees, franchise taxes, utility sales taxes and other ambiguous surcharges – does anyone really know how MCTD, TRS or PUC … Read More