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Know Your Rights as an Arizona Tenant

Knowing your rights as a tenant can help in any landlord disputes you may have. They can also help you be the best possible tenant and avoid any possible drama or disagreements. Communicate with your landlord in writing All communications with your landlord should be in writing. This is so you can both keep record of everything. If your landlord reaches out verbally kindly ask to continue all communications in writing. If you ever do need to go to court … Read More

My Rights as a Tenant in Arizona

The relationship between a landlord and a tenant is a very important one. When things go smoothly, it can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, but when things go sour, it can seem like the world is stacked against the little guy. In situations like that, it’s important to know exactly what rights you, as a tenant, have. It may feel like your landlord has power over almost everything in your situation (and your landlord may be … Read More

Can my Landlord Enter my Apartment When I’m Not There

Some landlords can be overly invasive and enter your apartment without any notice. These types of landlords can be frustrating for you and may even be infringing on your tenant rights. Is it unlawful for your landlord to enter your apartment when you’re not home? Depending on the circumstances, yes. Legal reasons your landlord may access your apartment Landlords must get permission and give notification of at least 24 hours before entering your apartment unless there is a real emergency that … Read More

What Are My Rights as a Tenant

Your rights as a tenant may not always be clearly spelled out for you. Many people don’t know all of their rights, and if you’ve had an application rejected, have been evicted or are just moving into a rental for the first time it’s important to know the basic rights given to you by federal and state law. Your renting rights as a tenant There are a number of rights given to tenants by the federal and state government. Federal Anti-Discrimination … Read More

What is an Easement in Real Estate?

An easement is a legal right to use someone’s land for a particular purpose. They may be given to a water company to run water pipes under your property or to an electric company to run electrical poles on your property. The easement holder does not have the right to occupy your land, just to access it. Easements are part of the property they effect and don’t change when land ownership changes. There are a few different types of easements … Read More