Court Awards AZ Vet $2.5 Million in Medical Malpractice Suit

A U.S. Army veteran was awarded $2.5 million in his medical malpractice lawsuit against the Phoenix VA. The malpractice ties back to negligent medical care in  2011, when abnormalities were found in the vet’s prostate but the nurse practitioner neglected to order further testing.

Negligent Medical Care for America’s Vets

After the lack of proper care, the vet found out 11 months later that he had state 4 prostate cancer and would only have a short time remaining to live.

The lawsuit concluded with the judge ruling that the nurse practitioner should have ordered more testing. The vet said he is grateful for the recognition, but said the case was never about winning money. The vets that serve our country deserves much better, and that is the reason he took on the Phoenix VA. His is only one tragic story out of many. Sadly, negligent medical acts occur far too often in the VA system.

The U.S. veteran said he is hoping that the lawsuit sends a message to the VA that they need to take better care of their vets. He has been forced to wait months for treatment and for scans, even with his diagnosis. He hopes his story makes the VA see what can happen when they neglect to treat vets, and inspires VAs around the country to find a better system.

The veteran hopes his case will change the way vets are treated by the VA. Many veterans showed up at the courthouse during the trial to lend their support. This lawsuit win was a win for vets all over the country. Not only does it give them hope, but it shows the VA that they will be held accountable for its mistakes.

The Phoenix VA was also the epicenter of another scandal. It revealed that some veterans were being placed on secret waiting lists and faced scheduling delays. The scandal was not referenced in this lawsuit.