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Grow Your Practice through Client Referrals

The MCBA Lawyer Referral Service (LRS), established in 1964, is a valuable member benefit as well as a public service. LRS provides member attorneys with an opportunity to build business through client referrals. The service benefits the public by helping callers quickly find an attorney in the area of law in which they need help.

Staffed by three interviewers and a director, LRS receives over 100,000 calls per year from people seeking legal assistance and from attorneys referring clients outside their area of practice. Clients learn about the service from many sources, including the yellow pages, the courts, community agencies and associations, and the Internet.

Lawyers are needed in all areas of law, although there is a special demand for administrative, employment, and immigration law attorneys.

How the Service Works

LRS staff interviewers screen all incoming calls to the service. The interviewer asks about the nature of the legal complaint and establishes the appropriate area of law and the person’s location. Those interested in scheduling a 30-minute consultation with an attorney pay an administrative fee of $40, which can be paid with Visa or Mastercard, cash or money order. (The fee is waived for workers’ compensation and personal injury matters.)

As soon as the fee is collected, the interviewer schedules the appointment. The half-hour consultation with an attorney is free of charge. If the client retains the attorney, the lawyer’s regular fee for services apply.

How to Join

To be eligible, an attorney must be a member in good standing with the State Bar of Arizona, and provide the MCBA with proof of their professional liability insurance.

Not an MCBA member? Go here to join.

Please download the membership application for complete information. You may also contact Programs Director Marcy Morales at 602-682-8585 or

Public telephone number: (602) 257-4434

Types of status reports

Monthly will contain the names of all clients seen in your office during the previous month. All clients will have the current status of “pending.” Unless clients retain your services, these clients will not be on following status reports.

Quarterly will contain only clients whose ticket is still open. An open ticket will include clients who arranged for additional services. All previously reported open tickets will be on these reports, until the case has been completed.

Instructions of completing status reports: Once you receive your status report, simply choose the current status of the client. Once the status report has been completed, simply mail or fax back to LRS. Clients who have received a consultation, but not retained services, will remain open for one full year, although these clients will not appear on the status reports.

If a client returns to your office for additional services pertaining to the same issue originally referred, please report this to the LRS staff so that the status of the client will be added to your quarterly status reports once more.

Open status types include clients who have arranged for additional services either by contingency, flat rate, and hourly rate. Please make sure to report the amount of fees collected to date on both the monthly and quarterly status reports. If monies are due to the LRS, per your member agreement, you may mail in the payment either on a monthly or quarterly bases. LRS staff members will track any changes to the status of open cases and/or any payments made towards the percentage fee program.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please feel free to contact Programs Director Marcy Morales at 602-682-8585 or