Referral Request

How The Lawyer Referral Service Works

    • Step 1
      Find An Attorney

      To find an attorney, fill out an online request form or call (602) 257-4434 to speak with someone from our friendly staff about the nature of your problem.

      We will ask you questions and work with you to find a professional who can assist you in a thorough and concise manner.

    • Step 2
      Our Fee

      After we find a match you’ll pay a one-time, non-refundable fee. If the attorney does not meet or speak with you personally, then you will be referred to a second panel attorney.

      Each referral is for one separate legal matter. If you have multiple issues, you may need to pay different referral fees, as most attorneys only specialize in certain areas of law.

    • Step 3

      Once your payment has been received, the representative will provide the information necessary for you to schedule your appointment.

      After setting up your appointment you will meet or speak with the attorney to assess your situation and discuss legal advice.

    • Step 4

      Near the end of the consultation, the attorney will let you know that your free time is almost over; any services past that point are between you and the attorney. You can decide if you wish to hire the attorney, but you are not required to hire him or her.

      We look forward to helping you find the experienced and knowledgeable attorney to assist you in your legal needs.