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Tough Property Seizure Law Makes it Through Arizona Senate

The state Senate has passed a bill that would make it tougher for prosecutors and police to seize property. The new measure would require prosecutors to prove that the items they want to take as evidence were involved in the crime with “clear and convincing evidence.” This will provide a higher standard of proof before police can seize property than is currently in place. Arizona HB 2477 HB 2477 was passed unanimously by the Senate Judiciary Committee. It will now move … Read More

What are the Arizona Requirements for Adoption?

Whether you’re struggling with infertility or you want to make a difference in a parentless child’s life, adoption is a very rewarding option to consider.  In the state of Arizona, any adult resident is eligible to qualify to adopt children. While this may seem promising, there are many requirements and a lengthy process you must pass before you can adopt a child of your own. Arizona Adoption Laws Arizona law requires any prospective adoptive parent to become certified by the … Read More

New Arizona Laws You Should Pay Attention To

The Arizona Legislature has recently passed a number of bills this past August, and many of the laws going into effect could potentially affect you. More specifically, there are 12 new laws that could impact your daily life and this article will explain how. New Arizona laws and how they can impact your life How you buy wine: Senate Bill 1381 will allow you to order wine online and have it shipped directly to your home or business. In order … Read More

What is Elder Law?

Elder Law focuses on the senior population and their unique needs as well as myths related to competence and aging. It covers all aspects of planning, counseling, education, and advocating for the elderly. Lawyers who specialize in elder law understand all of their clients’ needs to go beyond their basic legal rights if problems or legal issues arise. Elder Law in Arizona Elder law covers the following topics: Health and personal care planning, which include the following topics: powers of … Read More

Weirdest Arizona Laws

In the 200+ years that Arizona has enjoyed statehood, it has seen exponential growth and changes. Lawmakers in a changing state have the arduous task of addressing the concerns of its citizens, and sometimes, laws can remain on the books long after the concerns have passed. Nevertheless, we have a bunch of strange laws still on the books in the Grand Canyon state. Here’s a look at some of them. Weird Arizona laws regarding plants and animals. While Arizona is … Read More