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Digital Privacy: Is Your TV Watching You?

Televisions: they’re in every household in the multiples. They’re a source of entertainment and enjoyment. For a majority of Americans, the things we consume on our televisions make us laugh, make us cry, and make us happy. But is your TV watching you as well? The television manufacturer VIZIO Inc. has recently become under fire for privacy violations that could mean that they are. In 2014 VIZIO began manufacturing what are now called “smart TVs” that connect to the internet and … Read More

Some of the Coolest Inventions Coming Onto the Market

Technology is changing more rapidly than ever before in every aspect of our lives. Some new inventions change the course of history, while others produce new gadgets that are at least interesting to play with. Here’s a look at what’s in the works and coming soon to the public. New Energy Technology. Supplying the population with clean and safe power is an ongoing endeavor. Until now, hydropower, the energy generated by water, has mostly been generated at dams. Today, companies … Read More