Monthly Archives: November 2013

Obama’s Approval Not Looking So Hot

In a recent poll conducted by CNN/ORC, more and more Americans find President Barack Obama to be untrustworthy and incapable of managing the nation’s government. According the poll, consisting of 843 surveyed American adults, only 40% think of Obama as effective in his efforts to control the country – 12% less than the last poll conducted in June – while only 53% found him “trustworthy.” The poll was conducted during mid-November in which problems with Obamacare as well as the … Read More

George Zimmerman Facing Jail Time

George Zimmerman recently revisited the national spotlight after police reports indicated he was involved in a deadly domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe. Zimmerman was promptly arrested on Monday night, only months following the controversial ruling regarding the death of teenager Trayvon Martin. Similar to the Martin case, accounts of the criminal dispute at hand are widely varied. Zimmerman is accused of erupting on his girlfriend, smashing items within their shared home and eventually threatening her with a shotgun. … Read More

Intellectual Property Rights for Small Business

Entrepreneurs and small business owners around the country are faced with the problem and difficulty of protecting their product, logo, design or idea at the start of their endeavor, and as technology continues to advance and online identity becomes more and more difficult to keep safe, small business owners are faced with some fairly daunting tasks to keep themselves and their businesses safe. Intellectual Property is anything of a business owner’s mind or intellect. Whether it’s a services, idea, process, … Read More

Uninsured Michigan Residents Can Cover Dental with Volunteer Work

Amidst the national conversation concerning healthcare, one county in Michigan has found an elegant solution to individuals who lack proper dental care.  Uninsured and unemployed residents in Michigan can receive free dental care by volunteering at local homeless shelters and around the county. There are currently 4,000 adults who, since 2007, have received care under the Calhoun County Dentist’s Partnership, a privately funded program that requires patients to perform volunteer work in exchange for free dental services. Uninsured patients can … Read More

Bullying in the Digital Age

In today’s society, more and more of our children are turning away from the outdated methods of bullying and are instead turning to a more technologically advanced way of picking on their peers. The bullying online goes further than just name calling: death threats, harassment, and public ridicule are just some of the many ways the youth of our nation is negatively impacting the way we use the internet. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, between 43% and 53% of … Read More