Monthly Archives: September 2014

Can You Manage Conflict?

How well do you manage conflict? No matter where you stand, there’s always room for improvement. Conflict is an everyday fact of life and we can either choose to embrace it or avoid it, the latter option generally exacerbating the problem. One of the most important skills we can have is to accept conflict and accept its natural occurrence in an ongoing relationship. Every conflict is an opportunity for growth, a chance to gain essential life perspective and increased understanding. … Read More

Improved Bankruptcy Rates Don’t Tell AZ Story

Favorable bankruptcy trends continue to smile upon the Phoenix metro area since July. Bankruptcy filings have been reported down 14 percent since July 2013. August marks the 42nd consecutive month of year-to-year improvement. The news should be considered pertinent to many Valley residents despite reports that show many still continue to struggle. While many businesses and property owners continue to recover from a lengthy recession, Arizona is far from out of the woods at this point. Still, the news suggests … Read More

West Valley Welcomes Affordable Housing Options

Newly made renovations have introduced multifamily affordable housing options to the West Valley. Residents like Elizabeth Maciel are finding plenty to love about their new arrangements, her apartment located a matter of steps away from a brand-new playground. Here, Maciel can watch her four children play through the comfort and security of the blinds, just within a kitchen she deems ‘spacious’. This is a significant upgrade for families like Maciel – her new three bedroom home with renovated bathroom easily … Read More

Employment Shortage Creating ‘Crisis’ in AZ Education

While the school year in Arizona is already deep underway, the latest reports indicate a significant amount of vacancies in the state’s education field. The most recent analysis reveals Arizona K-12 schools are hobbled by no less than 527 vacancies. How bad is the education employment gap in Arizona? The situation has been described as reaching ‘crisis’ levels. The 12 News watchdog team calculated job openings as listed through The Arizona Education Employment Board website, providing for positions that overlapped. … Read More

Student Loan Drops Closer to Pre-recession Levels

The New York Times is reporting that student loan defaults have declined for the first time in several years. The default was first reported by the Education Department, responsible for overseeing the conditions of student loans. Although student loans have declined, it’s important to note their current level still puts them well above prerecession levels as reported earlier through the Education Department. Part of the report took a closer look at students who were obligated to begin repayment efforts on … Read More