Monthly Archives: October 2014

Halloween Sales Bolster American Economy

Halloween related sales are a monstrous business in Arizona, according to the latest estimates from a National Retail Federation report. How much is this ghoulish business expected to grow? National holiday spending is estimated to reach an illustrious $7.4 billion mark. Your average Valley resident is expected to spend roughly $80 this holiday season on costumes, candy and décor – a figure up from approximately $75.03 the previous year. Economic figures indicate the trick-or-treating season will be booming in 2014. … Read More

Ebola Outbreak to Influence US Travel Restrictions

The global Ebola outbreak is likely to influence US travel restrictions after the first person to contract the deadly disease was identified in October. A nurse tested positive for the disease after was investigators deemed ‘extensive contact’ with an Ebola patient. In order to prevent a similar epidemic from occurring domestically, significant travel restrictions appear imminent. Earlier this month, federal health officials announced that they would launch a new campaign to begin fever screenings throughout five major US airports. These … Read More

Microsoft CEO Draws Criticism Regarding Comments on Women in Workplace

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has stated that women need to ask for a raise – he believes that they should simply trust the system. Critics are already taking issue with Nadella’s statements, citing that the technology industry, where Microsoft’s business resides, is overwhelmingly composed of males. The issue came up earlier in October when Nadella visited an event for women in the tech industry held within Phoenix. At one point during the event, Nadella was asked to give advice concerning … Read More

Arizona Same-Sex Restrictions in Limbo

One day following a landmark ruling made by a federal appeals court declaring same-sex marriage restrictions as unconstitutional in Arizona, the US Supreme Court has moved the issue back into a gray area. Arizona was among four other Western states to rule same-sex marriage bans as unconstitutional. Jeremy Zegas, project director for same-sex-marriage advocacy group Why Marriage Matters Arizona, said, “We’re basically in the same place we were yesterday, from a practical standpoint, for same-sex couples in Arizona.” He added, … Read More

The Prenuptial Agreement Dilemma

It’s time for you to discuss the least romantic aspect of your impending marriage – the prenuptial agreement. According the US Census Bureau, nearly fifty percent of marriages will end in divorce. The hard truth is that nobody is an exception to the statistics – couples divorce all the time for reasons they never could have predicted after walking down the aisle. What happens after the split can be especially messy without the presence of a prenuptial agreement. First, let’s … Read More