Monthly Archives: October 2015

Shop Local! Farmers Markets around Phoenix

The farm-to-table movement has found its way into the greater Phoenix area, and more than ever, Valley residents are discovering new ways to buy and prepare their favorite meals from food that is produced right here in Arizona. You can now find these fresh and delicious ingredients every week at your local farmer’s markets. Regardless of where you live in the Valley, you can find one close to you! Local farmer’s markets are dedicated to supporting local growers and direct … Read More

Annulment or Divorce? What’s Best for Me?

If your marriage is ending, there are some cases where an annulment may be a more appropriate option for dissolving the partnership. Like a divorce, an annulment is a civil court procedure that ends a marriage, but the difference is that an annulment treats the marriage as if it never existed. There are several reasons that an Arizona court will grant an annulment, including: One of the parties was married to someone else (bigamy). The parties are too closely related … Read More

When Should I Make My Will?

Most people don’t consider the subject until later in life, but if you’re wondering if now’s a good time to make a will, it probably is. There are several reasons why an estate plan should come into your picture much sooner than middle age, and there are some times when doing so is especially crucial. Here are some key milestones in life that should prompt you to think about a will. When you change your marital status. Whether you’re getting … Read More

Art is Alive Festival

Brought to you once again by WHAM and the City of Goodyear, the 4th Annual “Art is Alive” festival is primed to be the biggest one yet as it moves to Goodyear Ballpark (the Cactus League home of the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds). The family-friendly festival will run for two days (October 31st and November 1st), and will include artwork from local artists, live music performances, including jazz Saxophonist Marion Meadows and Chillie Willie, a Latin jazz ensemble. Since … Read More

My Ex-Wife Won’t Keep to our Custody Terms. What are my Options?

Divorce can be a challenging situation for both parties. That challenge is heightened when you and your spouse have children and are battling over child custody. Even after all the court hearings, your spouse may not adhere to the custody terms set forth by the court and is keeping you from being a part of your child’s life. If your ex-wife isn’t keeping custody terms, here’s what you can do. Before undertaking any legal actions, the best thing to do … Read More