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What is Elder Law?

Elder Law focuses on the senior population and their unique needs as well as myths related to competence and aging. It covers all aspects of planning, counseling, education, and advocating for the elderly. Lawyers who specialize in elder law understand all of their clients’ needs to go beyond their basic legal rights if problems or legal issues arise. Elder Law in Arizona Elder law covers the following topics: Health and personal care planning, which include the following topics: powers of … Read More

What’s Included in the Adoption Process

The adoption process can be complicated and stressful, but in the end, it’s extremely rewarding. The process may seem long and confusing, but understanding the steps will help ease some of that stress and confusion. Whether you’re struggling with infertility or you want to make a difference in the life of a child without parents, adoption is a great option. What are the first steps in the adoption process? The first step in adopting a child is to decide whether … Read More

Boundary Disputes and Tips on Settling Them

Boundary disputes are a common issue that landowners have to deal with. These disputes typically arise when descriptions on the deed are inaccurate, when one neighbor has been occupying land long enough to claim ownership even though the land is not technically theirs, or when multiple unrecorded deeds convey the same property to different people. This article explains how to best handle a boundary dispute. Understanding your boundary dispute Before taking any action on your boundary dispute, you should fully … Read More

Do I Need a Lawyer to Sell My House

Aside from a couple of states that require you to have a real estate attorney to do the closing on your house, you do not always need to hire an attorney to help you sell your house. Selling you home is a lot of work though, so if you decide to hire a lawyer they will help you quite a bit during the process. How a real estate lawyer can help you in selling your home Most people hire a real estate … Read More

Are Last Wishes Legally Binding?

Last wishes are requests, separate from a will, that someone wants to have done after they die. Last wishes are not legally binding; however, if all of the family members unite and agree to honor someone’s last wishes the executor has the moral obligation to comply. Last wishes In the event of death, many people have desires for their funeral, final internment and other matters not covered in a will. Last wishes are best followed when written down and made … Read More