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What Qualifies as Legal Malpractice?

While malpractice is a term typically used to describe lawsuits involving medical care professionals, legal malpractice is the kind of malpractice case that involves attorneys engaging in negligent behavior,or somehow causing harm to the client by taking actions that no reasonable attorney would make. Here’s a look at ways in which your attorney may have been negligent and liable for legal malpractice. Types of Legal Malpractice Negligence. A common reason for a legal malpractice claim arises when an attorney misses … Read More

Three Notorious Con-men: Why You Should Always Background Check

You may think you know a person after conducting an interview or meeting for the first time. But there are people out there who take advantage of the good will of others. Throughout history there have been notorious con artists who have pulled the wool over the eyes of their “friends” and employers. Here are some notorious con-artists who almost got away with their crimes. Frank Abagnale Immortalized in the Steven Spielberg film “Catch Me If You Can”, Frank Abagnale … Read More

The Arizona Republic Reports Renewal Fraud

The Arizona Republic and several other newspapers circulating in America have been caught in a subscription-renewal scheme. The scheme has sought hundreds of dollars from customers alongside sensitive credit-card and other personal information. Gannett Co., Inc. is in the process of warning their customer base that any renewal notices sent out recently are likely fraudulent. The company is warning customers not to send payment to a Mail Processing Department in White City, Ore. The fraudulent renewal notices are tied to … Read More

Arizona Surges in Tax-Return Fraud

A recent report from the Arizona Department of Revenue indicates that tax-refund fraud is on the rise. The agency has officially halted $74 million in refunds most recently, an amount doubling the previous fiscal year. The department acknowledges the issue of fraud is spiraling with more people issuing false returns with the use of stolen or fictitious taxpayer credentials. Records show that $32 million were halted the previous year, painting a worrisome picture for the government agency. Anthony Forschino, assistant … Read More

Luxury Home Builders Convicted on Fraud

A federal jury has found a former-Arizona home builder and his accountant guilty of bank fraud and conspiracy. The sentence ties back to a mortgage scam that occurred over the course of four-and-a-half years. The jury deliberated over the course of 24 hours across 12 days before handing down the verdict. Paxton Anderson and Joseph Plany are now awaiting a potentially hefty sentence following convictions across 25 and 22 counts, respectively, relating to bank fraud. Both men have been convicted … Read More