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Phoenix Crime Rates: What Are the Safest Areas to Live

Everyone wants to live in a safe area where the crime rates are at a minimum, especially when considering where to start a family. Phoenix is a large metropolitan filled with great neighborhoods to live in. While some areas in Phoenix are considered to be unsafe, this list provides some of the safest places to live in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Gilbert, Arizona You can’t get much safer than Gilbert, Arizona. This city populates 229,72 people. With 96 violent crimes … Read More

Best Fiction about White Collar Crime

White Collar This television series follows the exploits of Neal Caffrey a reformed art thief and his relationship with FBI Special Agent Peter Burke as they travel the world uncovering forgers and art thiefs. The television series airs on USA network and is currently in its sixth season. Catch Me If You Can This film directed by Steven Spielberg follows the true life story of Frank Abegnale Jr. who alluded the authorities for five years in the 90’s using his … Read More