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Court Awards AZ Vet $2.5 Million in Medical Malpractice Suit

A U.S. Army veteran was awarded $2.5 million in his medical malpractice lawsuit against the Phoenix VA. The malpractice ties back to negligent medical care in  2011, when abnormalities were found in the vet’s prostate but the nurse practitioner neglected to order further testing. Negligent Medical Care for America’s Vets After the lack of proper care, the vet found out 11 months later that he had state 4 prostate cancer and would only have a short time remaining to live. The lawsuit concluded … Read More

Should I Fight My Ticket?

Fighting a traffic ticket can have its pros and its cons. Knowing whether or not you should try fighting a ticket can be a big time saver, but making these decisions are not always to clear cut. This article will help you come to a decision on whether your ticket is worth fighting and the chances you have at winning. Are parking violations impossible to beat? Parking violations are not impossible to beat. People make mistakes all the time, and … Read More

What Exactly Does the Lawyer Referral Service Do?

There are times in life when you absolutely need an attorney, such as being served with a lawsuit or charged with a crime. There are also other times when professional legal advice would do wonders to help you navigate through a challenging situation. If you’ve never consulted an attorney before, you may not even know where to start looking for one. To solve this problem, the Maricopa County Bar Association has created the Lawyer Referral Service. How to use the … Read More

Are There Any Exceptions to Attorney-Client Privilege?

Since the days of the Roman Republic, a form of attorney-client privilege has been in place to ensure the client of an attorney is protected from any testimony. In general, it states that a person who seeks counsel from a lawyer should be completely free of any fear that private matters will be uncovered. This ensures that you may speak frankly and openly to your lawyer, and can disclose all relevant information about your case. This means that your lawyers … Read More

Annulment or Divorce? What’s Best for Me?

If your marriage is ending, there are some cases where an annulment may be a more appropriate option for dissolving the partnership. Like a divorce, an annulment is a civil court procedure that ends a marriage, but the difference is that an annulment treats the marriage as if it never existed. There are several reasons that an Arizona court will grant an annulment, including: One of the parties was married to someone else (bigamy). The parties are too closely related … Read More